1. What is your choice of vehicle for bugging out?

    It is often considered that when shit hits the fan a good bug out vehicle will be needed and one that can go off-road. But the ability to go off-road is more than just that. You need to be able to carry supplies not only for your survival but the survival of your vehicle.

    My personal idea of a bug-out vehicle is a full crew cab 4x4 pickup truck. Skid plate, brush guard, winch, roof rack, rear heavy duty bumper, 90 gallon tank in the bed, light bar, off-road tires to handle rough terrain.

    Once the vehicle is outfitted with gear to add the addition of good quality off-road camper having the ability to haul additional supplies as well as provide shelter for the family. Thus providing home away from home.


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    What is your choice of vehicle for bugging out? It is often considered that when shit hits the fan a good bug out...
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    Beautiful truck.
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    - that HUMMER set-up is sick, I’m searching for that trailer box today
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    Oh, I wasn’t implying that an EMP would be the only reason, just a possible. Having 2 would definitely cover that, but I...
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    While you make some good points rubberandsteel I have to disagree with you. EMP is not the only reason to bug-out. To...
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